• Presonus 32.4.2AI Digital Mixer

    Presonus 32.4.2AI Digital Mixer

  • K-Array KAN200 Fills

    K-Array KAN200 Fills

  • JTS UF-20R Dual Radio Mic Systems

    JTS UF-20R Dual Radio Mic Systems

  • QSC TouchMix 16

    QSC TouchMix 16

  • Sabine ADF-4000

    Sabine ADF-4000

  • Allen & Heath QU-32

    Allen & Heath QU-32

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Frequency guides and other useful information for getting the most out of Radio/Wireless Microphone Systems.

For more detailed help with using our equipment, please contact us.

  • 50ohm or 75ohm Antenna Coax Cable? +

    Can I use 75ohm instead of 50ohm coax cabling on my radio microphone and in ear monitoring equipment? It's all the same isn't it? It shouldn't matter, or does it? Well actually it does matter. Some of you I suspect Read More
  • Analogue v Digital Radio/Wireless Microphone Systems +

    Below is a link to a technical article on Analogue v Digital radio/wireless microphone systems. It will appeal to those of you interested in the more technical side of things and has been produced by one of the worlds finest Read More
  • Attaching Microphones for Theatre Use... +

      Microphone Placement & Positioning The best placement for miniature microphones used in theatrical productions is to attach them to the persons head. This can be done in a number of ways, the most popular being with various skin coloured Read More
  • New Radio/Wireless Mic Frequencies 2015 +

    Terrestrial TV here in the UK has now fully switched over to digital and some of the TV frequencies radio/wireless microphone users shared in the UK have been changed and it is quite likely that you will need to change these Read More
  • Radio / Wireless Mic Frequency Availability - Latest News! +

    As main dealers for many manufacturers, our prices start from under £150.00 excluding Vat for a basic complete radio microphone system. Read More
  • Radio/Wireless Mic ADU's +

    What Should You Do? Sometimes you can do more harm than good with the use of Antenna Distribution Units (ADU’s) with their remote antenna and boosters etc… How can this possibly be true you may well ask? It’s not that Read More
  • Radio/Wireless Mic Hire & Sales - Beginners Guide Q&A's +

    So you are looking to hire (or buy for that matter) some Radio/Wireless microphones and you don't really understand what you will get or the additional equipment you will need to complete the system? Well look no further as we Read More
  • Radio/Wireless Mic Use Beyond 2013 +

    The Future... We receive many enquiries regarding the UK government frequency sell off and what happens to the equipment we all use and rely on so much that we no longer have use of as from 1st January 2013 onwards… Read More
  • Sennheiser 1081-3 UHF-VHF Frequencies +

    VHF: Lo Band UK (Those Marked * License Free ~ Those Marked ** License Required)   Ch 01:   173.800 MHz * Ch 02:   174.100 MHz * Ch 03:   174.500 MHz * Ch 04:   175.000 MHz * Ch 05:   176.400 MHz ** Ch 06:   177.000 MHz **   VHF: Hi Read More
  • Sennheiser ew-G1 & G2 Ch67-70 Frequencies +

    Sennheiser EW G1 & G2 (Channels 66 - 70) (Pilot Tone ON) 830 - 865 MHz UHF Frequency Chart ONLY frequencies 863 - 865MHz are now legal to use in the UK. ALL other frequencies shown in the lists below are now illegal Read More
  • Sennheiser ew-G3 Ch38-43 Frequency Charts +

    Note: Do NOT Mix Banks! Select Bank Then Set Up To 31 Frequencies From Chosen Bank.   Bank 1Ch38 Bank 2Ch39 Bank 3Ch40 Bank 4Ch41 Bank 5Ch42 Ch 01 606.500 614.500 622.500 630.500 638.500 Ch 02 607.375 615.375 623.375 631.375 Read More
  • Sennheiser ew-G3 Ch70 Set of 6 Frequencies +

    Sennheiser G3 Wireless Microphone Systems 6 Frequency Set on License Free Channel 70. Ch 01: 863.100 MHzCh 02: 863.400 MHzCh 03: 863.750 MHzCh 04: 864.225 MHzCh 05: 864.550 MHzCh 06: 864.975 MHz Read More
  • Shure Radio/Wireless IEM & Microphone Frequency Charts +

    Below is a really useful link to the Shure UK website. If you open this link and scroll down the page you will find you can download ALL the available Shure UK Systems Frequency Charts - https://www.shure.co.uk/support/frequencies  Read More
  • Trantec S5 Ch70 Set of 6 Frequencies +

    Trantec S5.3 & S5.5 Wireless Microphone Systems 6 Frequency Set on License Free Channel 70.   Ch 01: 863.075 MHz Ch 02: 863.375 MHz Ch 03: 863.800 MHz Ch 04: 864.125 MHz Ch 05: 864.625 MHz Ch 06: 864.975 MHz Read More
  • Trantec S5 Ch70 Set of 8 Frequencies +

    Trantec S5.3 & S5.5 Wireless Microphone Systems 8 Frequency Set on License Free Channel 70.   As with ALL Radio/Wireless microphone systems we cannot and will not guarantee you will never have interference issues. The equipment user should check with the Read More
  • Trantec S5.3 & S5.5 Ch38-41 Frequencies +

    Trantec S5.3/S5.5 (Band G: 606.000 – 638.000 MHz) UHF Frequency Chart   Note: Trantec S5.3 Systems (Ch 01 - 12 TV Channels 38 - 39) Trantec S5.5 Systems (Ch 01 - 24 TV Channels 38 - 41) --------------------------------------------------------------------------               Bank 1:   Bank 2:   Bank 3:   Bank 4:   Read More
  • Trantec S5.3 & S5.5 Ch66-70 Frequencies +

    Trantec S5.3/S5.5 (Band D3: 830.000 - 865.000 MHz) UHF Frequency Chart. ONLY frequencies 823 - 832MHz (License Required) and 863 - 865MHz (License Free) are now legal to use in the UK. ALL other frequencies shown in the lists below are now illegal Read More
  • UK March 2018 Onwards Radio/Wireless Microphone Frequency Chart +

    Below is the UK's Latest Radio/Wireless Microphone Frequency Chart.   Blue = Available - License Free (UK & Part of the EU etc) Green = Available - Annual PMSE License Required - www.ofcom.org.uk Purple = Available - Short Term PMSE License Required - Subject to Review! Red = No Longer Available - From January Read More
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  • Linea Research - Power Amplifiers & Loudspeaker Management Systems

    We are very pleased to announce we are now able to supply for both Hire

    Read More
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  • Allen & Heath QU-32

    With its responsive touchscreen, 33 motor faders and acclaimed AnalogiQTM recallable preamps, Qu-32 combines exceptional

    Read More
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