PA Components

Our PA Component Hire Stock includes a wide range of high quality Professional Audio equipment to compliment our specialist Cabled Microphones, Radio Microphones & IEM Systems. 


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MakeModelDescription£.Week (ex-Vat)
CrownXLS 20022 x 1050w @ 2ohms30.00
KV2 AudioESP20002 x 1000w @ 2ohms120.00
Linea Research48M068 x 750w @ 2/4/8ohms c/w Dante240.00
XTADNA204 x 480w @ 2ohms60.00


MakeModelDescription£.Week (ex-Vat)Details
K-ArrayAnakonda KAN20064ohm 2m 8 x 1" Drivers Mid/High Fills40.00
K-ArrayKK5216ohm/64ohm 0.5m 8 x 2" Drivers Mid/High Spot/Flood Fills40.00
K-ArrayKMT12Active Sub Bass 2 x 1000w @ 8ohm 12" Driver (Processing For K-Array Series Speakers)120.00
KV2ESD1-15600w 4ohm Sub Bass FOH60.00
KV2ESD25150w 16ohm 2 Way Full Range Fill40.00
KV2ESD6175w 16ohm 2 Way Full Range FOH40.00
KV2ESD36350w 8ohm 3 Way Full Range FOH60.00
KV2ESD10500w 8ohm 2 Way Full Range FOH & Monitor60.00
KV2ESD12500w 4ohm 2 Way Full Range FOH & Monitor80.00
KV2ESD15500w 4ohm 3 Way Full Range FOH120.00
KV2ESDSeries Brackets Available On Request10.00
KV2EX10500w Active 2 Way Full Range FOH & Monitor80.00
KV2EXSeries Brackets Available On Request10.00


MakeModelDescriptionDetails£.Week (ex-Vat)
Allen & HeathZED Power 100008 Mono + 02 Stereo + FX Analogue 2 x 500w Powered Mixer60.00
Allen & HeathSQ-516 Mono + 02 Stereo 96KHz Digital Live & Recording Mixer c/w Comps + DCA’s + FX + Gates + Mute Groups etc160.00
Allen & HeathSQ-732 Mono + 02 Stereo 96KHz Digital Live & Recording Mixer c/w Comps + DCA’s + FX + Gates + Mute Groups etc240.00
Allen & HeathAvantis c/w DX168 MixRackLatest Digital Audio Mixer - Coming Soon!600.00
Allen & HeathdLive C2500 c/w CDM48 MixRackHigh Specification Tour Grade Digital Mixer600.00
Allen & HeathDX16816 Inputs + 08 Outputs 96KHz Digital Multicore (For Use With dLive C Class & S Class + SQ-5 & SQ-6 Mixers)60.00
Mackie1202VLZ Pro04 Mono + 04 Stereo Analogue Mixer20.00
MackieProDX402 Mono + 01 Stereo + FX Ultra Compact Digital Mixer20.00
PreSonusStudioLive 160212 Mono or 08 Mono + 04 Stereo Digital Live & Studio Mixer c/w 04 Aux Sends + Comps + FX + Gates etc60.00
PreSonus32.4.2AI32 Mono Digital 32.4.2 Mixer c/w 14 Aux Sends + Comps + FX + Gates etc120.00
QSCTouchMix 808 Mono + 02 Stereo Digital Live & Recording Mixer c/w Comps + DCA's + FX + Gates + Mute Groups etc40.00
RodeRodeCaster ProEasy To Use - Podcast Production Studio Quality Audio MixerAvailable Mid October 202040.00
SoundcraftSignature 1208 Mono + 01 Stereo or 06 Mono + 03 Stereo + FX Analogue 9.2.2 Mixer30.00

Portable PA Systems

MakeModelDescriptionDetails£.Week (ex-Vat)
MackieVariousIndoor/Outdoor PA SystemsP.O.A.
Crown/KV2VariousIndoor/Outdoor PA SystemsP.O.A.


MakeModelDescriptionDetails£.Week (ex-Vat)
DBXASF224Dual Channel Feedback Destroyer40.00
KV2 Audio SAC22 in 2 out Analogue Controller/Crossover c/w Notch Filters60.00
SabineADF4000 Power-QFeedback/EQ/Compressor/Processor80.00
SabineGraphi-Q2Feedback/EQ/Comp - 1 in 2 out60.00
SabineSDA1021 in 2 out Digital Delay20.00
SPLChannel OneSingle Tube Pre-Amp/Comp/Gate/EQ/De-Esser80.00
SPLVitalizer Mk2TStereo Multi Band 'Tube' Enhancer60.00
TC ElectronicFinalizer 96kStudio Finalizing Processor80.00
TC ElectronicM-3000True Studio Grade Stereo Reverb80.00
TC ElectronicM-One XLMulti FX Processor40.00
TC ElectronicTriple CDigital Stereo Multiband Compressor/Limiter40.00

Recording and Playback Equipment

MakeModelDescriptionDetails£.Week (ex-Vat)
AlesisMasterlink24 Bit CD & HD Master Recorder80.00
AppleiPad32GB c/w Audio Replay App40.00
BeyerdynamicDT 240 ProClosed Studio Headphones For Monitoring & Recording20.00
CymaticuTrack 2424 Track Recorder - Requires USB External Hard Drive60.00
DenonDNM2000RMD Recorder40.00
Groov-ePortableCD Player10.00
HHBCDR850Professional CD Recorder60.00
PioneerCDJ-500SCD Player40.00
SonyMD-E10MD Recorder c/w Cabled/IR Remote Control40.00
WorkMultiplayer 21u CD + SD + USB Player40.00
ZoomR-168 Track SD Card Recorder40.00

Audio Accessories

MakeModelDescription£.Week (ex-Vat)
CablesSingle Silver Line/Mic/Speaker Cable - Per Meter0.50
CablesSingle Digital Audio Multicore CAT5E Cable - Per Meter0.50
Cables4 Way 3m Audio Multicore5.00
Cables8 Way 1.5m 25 Pin D Sub - 25 Pin D Sub Audio Multicore10.00
Cables8 Way 3m - 10m Audio Multicore10.00
Cables12 Way 3m - 15m Audio Multicore12.50
Cables16 Way 3m Interchangeable Audio Multicore15.00
Cables16/4 15m Proel Audio Multicore20.00
Cables16/8 30m Proel Audio Multicore30.00
StandsMicrophone Stands & T-Bars2.50
StandsLoudspeaker Stands5.00
StandsHeavy Duty Loudspeaker, Lighting & Microphone Stands10.00
AccessoriesAmpetronicILR3Portable Induction Loop Receiver20.00
AccessoriesAppleAirPort ExpressDual Band Wireless WiFi Network Base Station20.00
AccessoriesMonacorRF-Explorer 3Portable Frequency Scanner 15MHz - 2.7GHz40.00
AccessoriesMotorolaHandi Pro 446Two Way Radios20.00
AccessoriesHeadsets for Handi Pro 44610.00
AccessoriesPhonicPAA2Portable Audio Analyzer30.00
AccessoriesPPC9000E240v Power Conditioner - 10 x IEC Power Outlets20.00
AccessoriesASL/BeyerdynamicBS-17/DT-108Comms Belt Packs & Comms Single Sided Headsets20.00
AccessoriesASLBS-181PSU for up to 20 x Comms Belt Packs & Comms Headsets30.00
AccessoriesBehringerPowerplay P1Personal Cabled Stereo IEM Belt Pack10.00
AccessoriesBeyerdynamicDT 240 ProClosed Studio Headphones For Monitoring & Recording20.00
AccessoriesEartecUltraLITEFull Duplex Wireless Comms Single Sided Headsets (Master & Remote Supplied In Pairs c/w 2 Way Charger)40.00
AccessoriesEMOPassive Mono DI Box10.00
AccessoriesPassive 1 In 3 Out Microphone Splitter20.00
AccessoriesRadialBT-ProActive Bluetooth Stereo DI Box30.00
AccessoriesEco-PodPassive 14 Way Line Level Splitter40.00
AccessoriesPro AV2Passive Multimedia Stereo DI Box20.00
AccessoriesJ+4Stereo Line Driver30.00
AccessoriesSB-1Active Acoustic Guitar & Bass Mono DI Box10.00
AccessoriesSB-2Passive Active Bass & Keyboards Mono DI Box10.00
AccessoriesSB-4Active Mono Piezo Transducers DI Box10.00