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We supply a customised range of Headset, In Hair, Lapel & Handheld Mic Capsule options from Budget to Top of the Range.

All equipment is Setup & Tested prior to despatch. Our packaged systems offer built in Antenna & Power distribution. We even include the cost of the necessary PMSE License for use of Channels 38 & 65/66 as standard.

Our Recommended SystemsFull Price List

Our Full Radio Microphone Range Prices

All systems are priced per channel

MakeModelFeatures£.Week (ex-Vat) Per Channel
JTSR-4Radio Mic System ~ This is a High Quality Quad Channel System Supplied with 4x Mics + 4x Transmitters + 4x Receiver Channels ~ Our Most Popular System for Education & Performing Arts (Priced per channel)40.00
JTSUF-20Radio Mic System ~ Dual Channel System - 75MHz Tuning Range (Priced per channel)60.00
ShureAxient AnalogueRadio Mic System ~ Dual Channel Top of the Range KSM9 Condenser Handheld (Priced per channel)120.00
SamsonAirline 77Radio Mic System ~ All in One Lapel Mic ~ 04 x Ch70 Fixed Spot Frequencies20.00
SennheiserEW100-G4Radio Mic System ~ Industry Standard50.00
SennheiserEW IEM-G4 twinIndustry Standard - In Ear Monitor System c/w Twin Belt Pack Receivers.Ch 38-43 or Ch 65/66/70 Options Available100.00
SennheiserEW IEM-G4Industry Standard - In Ear Monitor System c/w Single Belt Pack Receiver.Ch 38-43 or Ch 65/66/70 Options Available80.00
SennheiserSpeechlineRadio Mic System ~ Boundary, Handheld & Lapel Versions Available80.00
AKGPS4000WSwitchable Gain Reduction Wideband 5 Way Active ADU/PSU40.00
AKGSRA2BW21db Gain Wideband Directional Active Paddle Antenna40.00
DPAEar HangerBeige - Accessory For In Hair Microphones10.00
DuracellCharger4 Way AA Fast Charger c/w 04 x AA Rechargeable Batteries10.00
JTSANT-49Wideband Omni Passive Remote Paddle Antenna20.00
JTSUA-9604x Receiver Antenna Input A/B Pairs + 1x Remote Antenna Output A/B Pair Antenna Distribution Unit40.00
JTSUC-900RX2x4 Remote Antenna Input A/B Pairs + 1x Receiver Output A/B Pair Antenna Combiner c/w -31db - 0db RF Attenuation40.00
JTSUDA-49PWideband Directional Passive Remote Paddle Antenna20.00
JTSUSP-9001 Input + 2 Output Low Loss Antenna Splitter10.00
JTSCH-2R-4/UF-20 System Two Way Charging Station (Batteries Included With Transmitters)20.00
JTSCH-8R-4/UF-20 System Eight Way Charging Station (Batteries Included With Transmitters)40.00
RF VenueCP BeamWideband Directional Passive Folding Helical Antenna40.00
SennheiserASA 214-UHF4 Way Active ADU/PSU40.00
SennheiserA2003Wideband Directional Passive Paddle Antenna20.00
SennheiserA1031uWideband Omni Passive Paddle Antenna20.00
SennheiserCHG2/CHG2WSpeechline Dual Transmitter Charger20.00
ShureA95UFBalancing Transformer Mono Jack - XLRf (Or Moni Jack Socket) for use with any Transmitter Pack Instrument Lead10.00
ShureAXT610Show Link Access Point40.00
Sound HireVelcro BeltsBelt Pack Transmitter Velcro Belts c/w Pouch2.50
TrantecActive Antenna3db/10db Switchable Gain Wideband Directional Active Paddle Antenna20.00
Trantec3dB Antenna3db Gain Omni Passive Antenna (Ch 65 & 70 ONLY - UHF-GP)20.00
Trantec10dB Antenna10db Gain Wideband Antenna Signal Booster c/w Cable20.00