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We supply a customised range of Headset, In Hair, Lapel & Handheld Mic Capsule options from Budget to Top of the Range.


All equipment is Setup & Tested prior to despatch. Our packaged systems offer built in Antenna & Power distribution. We even include the cost of the necessary PMSE License for use of Channels 38 & 65/66 as standard.


See below for our special school packages or browse the full range of equipment available for hire.


Our Recommended SystemsFull Price List

Our Full Radio Microphone Range Prices

All systems are priced per channel

MakeModelFeatures£.Week (ex-Vat) Per Channel
JTSR-4Radio Mic System - This is a High Quality Quad Channel System Supplied with 4x Mics + 4x Transmitters + 4x Receiver Channels - Our Most Popular System for Education & Performing Arts (Priced per channel)Ch 38-41 or Ch 65/66/70 Options Available50.00
JTSUF-20Top of the Range Dual Channel True Diversity Radio Mic Systems - 75MHz Tuning Range (Priced per channel)60.00
JTSUS-36G2True Diversity Ch38-41 Belt Pack Radio Mic System40.00
SamsonAirline 77Radio Mic System - All in One Lapel Mic - 04 x Ch70 Fixed Spot Frequencies20.00
SennheiserEW-DSennheiser's Latest Evolution Wireless Digital Radio Mic SystemSupplied as a 4 Way Cube Set c/w ADU on Ch 31-38200.00 (4 Way Set)
SennheiserEW100-G4Radio Mic System - Industry StandardCh 38-43 or Ch 65/66/70 Options Available50.00
SennheiserEW300-G4Radio Mic System - Industry Standard c/w Networking OptionCh 38-43 or Ch 65/66/70 Options Available60.00
SennheiserEW IEM-G4 (Twin Set)Industry Standard - In Ear Monitor System c/w Twin Belt Pack Receivers.Ch 38-43 or Ch 65/66/70 Options Available100.00
SennheiserEW IEM-G4Industry Standard - In Ear Monitor System c/w Single Belt Pack Receiver.Ch 38-43 or Ch 65/66/70 Options Available80.00
SennheiserSpeechlineRadio Mic System - Boundary, Handheld & Lapel Versions Available100.00
ShureSLXAnalogue Radio Mic Systems - Boundary, Gooseneck, Handheld, Headset, In Hair & Lapel Versions AvailableCh 7060.00
ShureSLX-DThe Latest Digital Radio Mic Technology - Handheld, Headset, In Hair & Lapel Versions AvailableCh 38-4360.00
AKGPS4000WSwitchable Gain Reduction Wideband 5 Way Active ADU/PSU40.00
AKGSRA2BW21db Gain Wideband Directional Active Paddle Antenna40.00
DPAEar HangerBeige - Accessory For In Hair Microphones10.00
DuracellCharger4 Way AA Fast Charger c/w 04 x AA Rechargeable Batteries10.00
JTSANT-49Wideband Omni Passive Remote Paddle Antenna20.00
JTSUA-9604x Receiver Antenna Input A/B Pairs + 1x Remote Antenna Output A/B Pair Antenna Distribution Unit40.00
JTSUC-900RX2x4 Remote Antenna Input A/B Pairs + 1x Receiver Output A/B Pair Antenna Combiner c/w -31db - 0db RF Attenuation40.00
JTSUDA-49PWideband Directional Passive Remote Paddle Antenna20.00
JTSUSP-9001 Input + 2 Output Low Loss Antenna Splitter10.00
JTSCH-2R-4/UF-20 System Two Way Charging Station (Batteries Included With Transmitters)20.00
JTSCH-8R-4/UF-20 System Eight Way Charging Station (Batteries Included With Transmitters)40.00
RF VenueCP BeamWideband Directional Passive Folding Helical Antenna40.00
SennheiserASA 214-UHF4 Way Active ADU/PSU40.00
SennheiserA2003Wideband Directional Passive Paddle Antenna20.00
SennheiserA1031uWideband Omni Passive Paddle Antenna20.00
SennheiserCHG2/CHG2WSpeechline Dual Transmitter Charger20.00
ShureA95UFBalancing Transformer Mono Jack - XLRf (Or Moni Jack Socket) for use with any Transmitter Pack Instrument Lead10.00
ShureAXT610Show Link Access Point40.00
Sound HireVelcro BeltsBelt Pack Transmitter Velcro Belts c/w Pouch5.00
TrantecActive Antenna3db/10db Switchable Gain Wideband Directional Active Paddle Antenna20.00
Trantec3dB Antenna3db Gain Omni Passive Antenna (Ch 65 & 70 ONLY - UHF-GP)20.00
Trantec10dB Antenna10db Gain Wideband Antenna Signal Booster c/w Cable20.00