• Presonus 32.4.2AI Digital Mixer

    Presonus 32.4.2AI Digital Mixer

  • K-Array KAN200 Fills

    K-Array KAN200 Fills

  • JTS UF-20R Dual Radio Mic Systems

    JTS UF-20R Dual Radio Mic Systems

  • QSC TouchMix 16

    QSC TouchMix 16

  • Sabine ADF-4000

    Sabine ADF-4000

  • Allen & Heath QU-32

    Allen & Heath QU-32

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  • Linea Research - Power Amplifiers & Loudspeaker Management Systems +

    We are very pleased to announce we are now able to supply for both Hire & Sales the superb range of Linea Research Power Amplifiers & Loudspeaker Management Systems. You may or may not have heard of this Professional Audio Read More
  • New Technology Radio/Wireless Mics +

    We can now offer some of the very latest wide band radio/wireless microphone systems offering up to 75 usable frequencies in total (local area restrictions apply). There are up to 30 preset frequencies available for use across the UK and Read More
  • Radio/Wireless Mics - News +

    We now stock for both Hire & Sales some new wireless mic systems offering the very latest features and technology to give you the number of wireless mic systems you require for Conference, Events or Theatre Productions etc. All channels Read More
  • Sales +

    As Main Dealers for many of the products we sell, we are able to offer very competitive pricing on most sales items... Trade enquiries as well as end users are all welcome! Please have a look at the sales pages Read More
  • EAW Loudspeakers +

    EAW (Eastern Acoustic Works) is simply one of the finest loudspeaker ranges available anywhere in the world. We can now supply the very latest RADIUS range. £Best Read More
  • LED Lighting Hire & Sales +

    LED lighting has finally progressed to the point where it is now comparable to conventional stage lighting yet often costing less than 20% of the cost to run these lights in terms of energy saving costs compared to conventional lighting. Read More
  • Bishop Sound (Formally Carlsbro) Loudspeakers +

    We are now pleased to be able to offer you one of the best value for money loudspeaker solutions on the market from "Bishop Sound" (Formally Carlsbro) a great British Professional Audio Company with a great reputation and tradition. Many Read More
  • Weddings +

    Sound Hire provide high quality sound reinforcement systems specifically designed for Wedding Cerimonies etc. Many people these days like to have 'live music' during the ceremony itself. We specialise in providing microphones and loudspeaker systems suitable for music played on Read More
  • Why Buy or Hire From Us? +

    We know radio/wireless microphone systems (whatever you prefer to call them) inside out. The owner of Sound Hire has been involved since the early days when these systems first appeared. Things have changed a lot in the past thirty years Read More
  • Publications Featuring Joe Mitchell Founder & Owner of Sound Hire +

    Below are some links to articles in professional audio publications featuring Joe Mitchell the Founder & Owner of 'Sound Hire'.   Audio Media International Expert Witness: Joe Mitchell - Sound Hire founder Joe Mitchell on what to look out for when Read More
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  • Allen & Heath QU-32

    With its responsive touchscreen, 33 motor faders and acclaimed AnalogiQTM recallable preamps, Qu-32 combines exceptional

    Read More
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