Lighting & Pyrotechnics

We now stock a growing range of environmental friendly LED Theatrical Lighting equipment to enhance your Event or Production.


Please get in touch if you require further information regarding the “Hire & Sales” of any of our Lighting or Pyrotechnics equipment ranges shown below.

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Lighting & Effects

MakeModelDescription£.Week (ex-Vat)
ChauvetD-Fi 2.4GHz Obey 40 ControllerWireless DMX Controller18.75
ChauvetD-Fi USB StickWireless DMX Transceiver6.25
ChauvetD-Fi Freedom H1 (4 Way Set c/w Bag & Charger)Wireless Battery Powered 21 Degree 01 x 10w LED RGBAW+UV Fixture37.50
ChauvetFlareCON AirWireless Lighting Control From iPad/iPhone18.75
ChauvetSwarm 4 FXDJ Effects Type LED Light c/w Laser & Strobe12.50
City TheatricalSHoW BabyWireless DMX & RDM Transmitter & Receiver12.50
ProlightCabaret Colour40 Degree 36 x 8w LED RGBW Fixture18.75
ProlightEasiLED DMX ControllerBasic RGB/RGBW Controls Up To 4 Fixtures6.25
ProlightPerformer 18 HEX40 Degree 18 x 12w LED RGBWA+UV Fixture12.50
ProlightPerformer 18 Quad Zoom25 - 75 Degree 18 x 8w LED RGBW Fixture12.50
ProlightSpectra Flood Q15 (Indoor/Outdoor)45 Degree 15 x 5w LED RGBW Fixture18.75
ProlightStage Par 12 Quad MKII40 Degree 12 x 8w LED RGBW Fixture12.50
ProlightStage Par CZ 100 3000K15 - 32 Degree 100w COB WW Fixture12.50
Le MaitrePyroflash2 Way Key Operated Detonator18.75
Le MaitreFlashpodSingle Stainless Steel12.50
Le MaitreFlashpodVari-Angle12.50