Cabled Microphones

We supply a large range of specialist high quality Live & Recording Microphones  to compliment our range of specialist Radio Mic Systems. Our Cabled Microphones include packages suitable for Bands, Choirs, Conference, Orchestras and Theatres etc.

Cabled Microphone Prices

MakeModelDescription£.Week (ex-Vat)
AccusoundCONTACTSound Board Instrument Mic6.25
AKGC417LBlack Lapel Mic6.25
AKGCK77WRBlack / Beige / White In Hair / Lapel Mic12.50
AKGD330BT70’S 80’s Dynamic Vocal Mic12.50
Astatic901Boundary Black / White Mic12.50
Astatic905RMini Shotgun Gooseneck Microphone18.75
Astatic1700VPVariable Pattern Choir Microphone37.50
Astatic1800VPVariable Pattern Gooseneck Microphone c/w 40-118 Soft Touch Mute Button37.50
Audio TechnicaES935SML6Micro Line Pencil Shotgun Mic c/w On/Off Switch18.75
BehringerECM8000Acoustic Measurement Mic6.25
BeyerdynamicTGX58Dynamic Vocal Mic6.25
BeyerdynamicM160Hyper Cardioid Ribbon Mic12.50
BeyerdynamicMC836PVCondenser Shotgun Mic25.00
BeyerdynamicMPR210Corridor Boundary Array Mic25.00
CrownPCC160Boundary Black / White Mic18.75
DPA4060Black & Beige In Hair / Lapel Mic18.75
DPA4061Black Reinforced Instrument Mic18.75
DPA4066Beige Headset Mic25.00
DPAd:fineBlack & Beige 4cm Single Sided Headset Mic18.75
DPAd:screetSC4098 15cm Podium Mic - for Cabled or Wireless use18.75
DPAd:voteVO4 Classical Instrument Touring Mic Kit (04 x Mic's)50.00
Heil SoundPR 30 BDynamic Broadcast / Choir Mic18.75
JTSCM-804iFBeige Headset Mic - Fully Adjustable c/w Detachable Cable12.50
JTSCX-500Condenser Instrument Mic - for Cabled or Wireless use - Suitable for Vocal & Strings etc6.25
JTSCX-500DuCondenser Dual Instrument Mic & Pickup - Suitable for Strings etc6.25
JTSCX-500HBeige Headset Mic - Fully Adjustable c/w Detachable Cable12.50
JTSCX-500IHBlack & Beige In Hair Mic6.25
JTSCX-508WCondenser Instrument Mic - for Cabled or Wireless use - Suitable for Brass & Woodwind etc6.25
JTSCX-509Condenser Instrument / Choir Mic6.25
JTSNX-7Dynamic Instrument / Vocal Mic6.25
JTSNX-8Dynamic Instrument / Vocal Mic6.25
JTSNX-8.8Condenser Instrument / Vocal Mic6.25
JTSST-850Condenser Gooseneck - Wired or Wireless (Additional Transmitter Required For Wireless Operation)12.50
Lewitt7 Drum Set01 x Kick: 02 x Overheads: 01 x Snare: 03 x Toms62.50
Lewitt6 Drum Set01 x Kick: 02 x Overheads: 03 x Toms37.50
LewittDPT 640 REXCondenser & Dynamic Kick Mic12.50
LewittDPT 340 REXDynamic Kick Mic6.25
LewittDPT 340 TTDynamic Drum / Instrument Mic6.25
LewittLCT 940Nine Pattern Studio Combined FET & Tube Mic62.50
LewittLCT 540True Condenser Cardioid Mic18.75
LewittLCT 340True Condenser Cardioid & Omni Mic18.75
LewittLCT 140Electret Condenser Cardioid Mic12.50
LewittMTP 940 CMStudio Quality Live Vocal Mic12.50
LewittMTP 440 DMInstrument & Vocal Mic6.25
Point SourceCO-7Beige Headset Mic12.50
SennheiserME2Black Lapel Mic6.25
SennheiserMKE2Black In Hair / Lapel Mic12.50
SennheiserMKE2 GOLDBlack / Beige In Hair / Lapel Mic12.50
SennheiserMKE2 PLATINUMBlack / Beige In Hair / Lapel Mic12.50
Shure55SH GOLD50’S/60’s style Dynamic Vocal Mic18.75
Sound HirePRO1Black / Beige Standard Series In Hair / Lapel Mic6.25
Sound HirePRO1+Black / Beige Standard Series Upgrade In Hair / Lapel Mic12.50
Sound HirePRO3Beige Double Earhook Standard Series Headset Mic6.25
Sound HirePRO3+Beige Double Earhook Standard Series Upgrade Headset Mic12.50
Sound HirePRO5Beige Double Earhook Pro Series Headset Mic12.50
Sound HirePRO55 SILVER40's/50's/60's style Dynamic Vocal Mic6.25
Sound HirePRO OHCBlack Choir & Chorus Mic6.25
Sound HirePRO MSGBlack Mini Shotgun Mic6.25
EMOMicrophone 1 In 3 Out Passive Splitter6.25
JTSPS-510 Battery/Phantom Power 2>1 Belt Pack Miniature Mic PSU6.25
SennheiserME62/ME64/ME66/ME67 Velourised Professional Wind Shield6.25