Cabled Mics

We supply a large range of specialist high quality Live & Recording Microphones to compliment our range of specialist Radio Mic Systems. Our Cabled Microphones include packages suitable for Bands, Choirs, Conference, Orchestras and Theatres etc.


Browse our full complement of available microsphones and accessories below.

Cabled Microphone Prices

MakeModelDescription£.Week (ex-Vat)
AccusoundCONTACTSound Board Instrument Mic20.00
AKGC417LBlack Lapel Mic10.00
AKGCK77WRBlack / Beige / White In Hair / Lapel Mic20.00
AKGD330BT70’S 80’s Dynamic Vocal Mic60.00
Astatic727-1818" Dynamic Gooseneck Microphone (Suitable For Wireless Systems)10.00
Astatic901VPBoundary Microphone30.00
Astatic905RMini Shotgun Gooseneck Microphone30.00
Astatic1700VPVariable Pattern Choir Microphone60.00
Astatic1800VPVariable Pattern Gooseneck Microphone c/w 40-118 Soft Touch Mute Button60.00
Audio TechnicaAT8015Battery or Phantom Power Shotgun Mic30.00
Audio TechnicaBP4029Stereo Condenser Short Shotgun Mic60.00
Audio TechnicaES935SML6Micro Line Pencil Shotgun Mic c/w On/Off Switch30.00
BehringerECM8000Acoustic Measurement Mic10.00
BeyerdynamicTGX58Dynamic Vocal Mic10.00
BeyerdynamicM160Hyper Cardioid Ribbon Mic30.00
BeyerdynamicMC836PVCondenser Medium Shotgun Mic60.00
BeyerdynamicMPR210Corridor Boundary Array Mic60.00
CrownPCC160Boundary Black / White Mic30.00
DPA4060Black & Beige In Hair / Lapel Mic30.00
DPA4061Black Reinforced Instrument Mic30.00
DPA4066Beige Headset Mic60.00
DPAd:fineBlack & Beige 4cm Single Sided Headset Mic60.00
Heil SoundPR 30 BDynamic Broadcast / Choir Mic30.00
JTSCM-502Choir/Chorus Discrete Over Stage Microphone (White Version)10.00
JTSCM-804iFBeige Headset Mic - Fully Adjustable c/w Detachable Cable20.00
JTSCX-500Condenser Instrument Mic - for Cabled or Wireless use - Suitable for Vocal & Strings etc10.00
JTSCX-500DuCondenser Dual Instrument Mic & Pickup - Suitable for Strings etc20.00
JTSCX-500HBeige Headset Mic - Fully Adjustable c/w Detachable Cable20.00
JTSCX-500IHBlack & Beige In Hair Mic10.00
JTSCX-508WCondenser Instrument Mic - for Cabled or Wireless use - Suitable for Brass & Woodwind etc10.00
JTSCX-509Condenser Instrument / Choir Mic10.00
JTSNX-7Dynamic Instrument / Vocal Mic10.00
JTSNX-8Dynamic Instrument / Vocal Mic10.00
JTSNX-8.8Condenser Instrument / Vocal Mic10.00
JTSST-850Condenser Gooseneck - Wired or Wireless (Additional Transmitter Required For Wireless Operation)20.00
Lewitt7 Drum Set01 x Kick: 02 x Overheads: 01 x Snare: 03 x Toms90.00
Lewitt6 Drum Set01 x Kick: 02 x Overheads: 03 x Toms60.00
LewittDPT 640 REXCondenser & Dynamic Kick Mic20.00
LewittDPT 340 REXDynamic Kick Mic10.00
LewittDPT 340 TTDynamic Drum / Instrument Mic10.00
LewittLCT 940Nine Pattern Studio Combined FET & Tube Mic120.00
LewittLCT 340True Condenser Cardioid & Omni Mic30.00
LewittLCT 140Electret Condenser Cardioid Mic20.00
LewittMTP 940 CMStudio Quality Live Vocal Mic20.00
LewittMTP 440 DMInstrument & Vocal Mic10.00
Point SourceCO-7Beige Headset Mic20.00
SennheiserME2Black Lapel Mic10.00
SennheiserMKE2Black In Hair / Lapel Mic20.00
SennheiserMKE2 GOLDBlack / Beige In Hair / Lapel Mic20.00
SennheiserMKE2 PLATINUMBlack / Beige In Hair / Lapel Mic30.00
Shure55SH GOLD50’S/60’s style Dynamic Vocal Mic30.00
Sound HirePRO1Black / Beige Standard Series In Hair / Lapel Mic10.00
Sound HirePRO1+Black / Beige Standard Series Upgrade In Hair / Lapel Mic20.00
Sound HirePRO3Beige Double Earhook Standard Series Headset Mic10.00
Sound HirePRO3+Beige Double Earhook Standard Series Upgrade Headset Mic20.00
Sound HirePRO5Beige Double Earhook Pro Series Headset Mic20.00
Sound HirePRO55 SILVER40's/50's/60's style Dynamic Vocal Mic20.00
Sound HirePRO OHCBlack Choir & Chorus Mic10.00
Sound HirePRO MSGBlack Mini Shotgun Mic10.00
EMOMicrophone 1 In 3 Out Passive Splitter10.00
JTSPS-510 Battery/Phantom Power 2>1 Belt Pack Miniature Mic PSU10.00